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Have thoughts on how Owen's being played? Concerns? Questions? Then feel free to post them here! Anonymous is allowed and screening is on, but you can also use your regular journal if you're comfortable with it.
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Note: This list only includes Owen's own posts on the network and in the logs thread.

First Gig - Owen arrives in Nautilus.

Second Gig - Affected by a reality storm that has altered his memories, Owen is "investigating" the defenses of the library. For hypothetical purposes, of course.

Third Gig - Once the storm has subsided, Owen apologizes to the other residents for his behavior.

Fourth Gig - Owen makes a terrible pun and puts forward the idea of bringing The Showcase from his world into the city.
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Doing some free writing before bed, this touches a little bit on Owen's history... usual first draft warnings apply, and it's a little angsty as well.


The piercing wail of the sirens pulled Owen further away from sleep, the flashing blue and red lights cast the shattered husk of the building into harsh shadows that faded and reformed every few seconds. He rolled onto his side and tried to force away the memories that drifted to the surface. But even as he closed his eyes to force out the illumination, what started as a mere ripple grew into a tsunami.

Blue, like the emergency lights that lined the lab and sparked to life as the klaxons sounded.

Red, like the flames that licked at the walls and consumed all he'd known.

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