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Not Stealing, Just Taking Back

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While Owen Matthias would prefer to call what he does the liberation of good and services from their undeserving owners, most others would prefer to call it theft, burglary or anything else that indicates poor moral fiber. He's also quite good at it. In fact, he's almost as good as he'd like you to believe he is. He has a particular skill in cracking locks, disabling alarms and getting around anything a person might put between him and the kernel of a particular job. He is, however, choosy about who he steals things from. Those who are already poor will avoid his attention, and he might even help them from time to time. But Owen's favorite charity is himself, and he's a frequent contributor.

The materialism belies the fact that Owen is slow to let people get close to him. While he can be friendly on a surface level, he tends to stay apart from all but those who know him very well, and that number is very limited. In many ways, he's still wandering around in life, flitting from job to job and moment to moment without any real sort of plan or goal in mind.

We ain't stealin' we're just takin' back
Very simple plan of attack
It's our job and a labor of love
Take it home to the up above
We ain't stealin' we're just takin' back
Very simple statement of fact
Call it pillage or call it plunder
We're takin' it back from them boys down under.

-"Take It Back", Jimmy Buffett

((This is a roleplay journal for an original character from a novel in progress by koh4711. There are, in fact, no six foot tall Emejre rabbits running around on LiveJournal. This disclaimer is put here just in case you weren't sure.))
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